Collection: Nagahara Kanetarou Shoten - handmade deodorizers "Igusa"

Professional rush grass grower "Nagahara Kanetarou Shoten" in Kurashiki.

Deodorizing with natural materials/comfortable living with safe and secure antibacterial, relaxing, air purifying, and environmentally friendly rush grass.

"Nagahara Kanetarou Shoten" is a store that creates all handmade deodorizers made of natural "Igusa" that are safe and secure for people with chemical sensitivity.
A professional igusa maker in business for 120 years has developed a product that will slowly and steadily eliminate odors under the concept of "washing the air with igusa".
It is especially strong in airtight spaces such as closets, car interiors, and shoe boxes.

Nagahara Kanetarou Shoten was established around 1897 as a wholesaler specializing in tatami mats. We continue to focus on high quality tatami-omote made of domestically grown rush grass. We also offer a lineup of products that make use of the appeal of rush grass that goes beyond tatami mats, such as deodorizing goods made from the scraps of material produced in the process of producing tatami mats.