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The majestic Seto Inland Sea is one of the world's leading places where various technologies are accumulated and developed with abundant blessings.

In particular, in Kojima, which was reclaimed on a large scale during the Edo period and connected to the land, the soil contains salt, so cotton that is resistant to salt damage was cultivated on a vast land.
Over time, it developed from cotton to cotton yarn and cotton cloth production, and developed to the point where it was called "the city of textiles."

In recent years, unique processing and sewing techniques have been created one after another to further increase its value, and "Kojima" continues to grow as a city that boasts high quality and technical capabilities.

[Kojima belt] is the textile town of Kojima.

Combining denim, tatami-bari, and Sanada string,
It is made.

Mainly half-width obi for women and square obi for men,

"Good quality"

We are designing with the motto.