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Light blue denim Japan kimono obi modern Half-width belt Umiiro

Light blue denim Japan kimono obi modern Half-width belt Umiiro

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Sanada braids




《An adult half-width belt that “charms” on your back》

Semi-order half-width belt

<Umiiro> Tatamiberi series

Specifications: Width about 17cm Length about 440cm
Weight: about 480g
Material: Denim: Cotton, Tatami Belt: Polyester, Sanada Cord: Cotton

[About the product]
・This obi is a small bag obi (half-width obi) made from denim, tatami-bari, and Sanada string.
・All of these materials are traditional industries of Kojima, Kurashiki City.
・Made in Japan and Made in KOJIMA from manufacturing the material to sewing the obi.
・Please note that the product image may look different from the actual color depending on the monitor settings.

【About your order】
・Please choose either "checkered pattern or shark pattern" on the tatami mat.
・Please choose one of the 4 types of Sanada braids.
If you choose "no string", we will tailor it without sewing the Sanada string.
"At the time of shipment, we will enclose Sanada cords for the length of the obi."
Please use it for decorative cords and sashes.
・The color tatami belt is unified with the blue gradation “sea color”.

* Please note that there may be slight dimensional errors as each item is hand finished.

*The kimono and accessories in the photo are not included. Only the obi is for sale.  

[Product Features]
- Made in Kojima, the birthplace of domestic jeans.
- Made of soft, lightweight denim fabric that feels good on the skin.
・We use fabric that does not transfer color to kimonos and bags.

・Kojima, Kurashiki City has a share of about 80% of the national production. It is a traditional industry that has continued for about 150 years.
・The pattern of the tatami bar is mainly traditional patterns (checkerboard pattern, shark pattern), combined with bright colors.
・Because it is a strong material, you can tie a large and plump obi, or make a different knot that takes advantage of the length of the obi.

~Sanada strings~
・It is said to have been introduced to Kojima, Kurashiki City about 400 years ago.
・The strength of 100% cotton and the rustic texture are the characteristics of Kojima Sanada cords.
・In addition to the basic “Enshu” pattern, original patterns such as “denim red ear = selvedge”, a pattern unique to Kojima, which is famous for denim, are used.

・This product can be washed by hand.
・Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Since it is a long product, it may be deformed by rotation.
・Avoid using bleach when washing.
・If you leave it wet for a long time, the color may fade. After washing, adjust the shape and dry it in the shade immediately.
・Please note that the color may transfer slightly due to strong friction, sweat, etc.
・Please use a pressing cloth and iron at a medium temperature.

[About shipping]

・After confirming your payment, we will start the production process. Please note that it takes about 2 months to ship as each item is handmade.
・The packaging uses a transparent plastic bag with a design that allows you to see the pattern on both sides.
・I enclose an instruction manual.

・Although we try to reflect changes in stock status as much as possible, it may take some time to reflect due to the system.
・Unauthorized reproduction or processing of product page images is prohibited.

[Greetings from the inventor]
Thank you for visiting the "Kojima Obi" website.
"Kojima Obi" was born in 2017 with a contemporary design using modern materials.

The obi was originally a thin cord. In the middle of the Edo period, wars ended and people's lives stabilized, and the fashion culture blossomed.
The obi has become longer and wider than in the past, and patterns are woven into it to create beautiful handicrafts.
People came to enjoy the beauty of the colored pattern and the tied shape of the obi.
In Japan, the custom of giving “long things” to important people while wishing for longevity and happiness has been handed down to this day.

The "Kojima Obi Series" is characterized by being made from materials that have never been used for obi.
And we combine multiple fabrics that were originally manufactured for a different purpose than the obi. Tatamiberi is the cloth that decorates the edges of traditional Japanese rugs.
Sanada himo is the narrowest and oldest fabric in Japan.
And denim is loved all over the world.
All the materials are easy to handle and can be washed and ironed at home. These textiles represent Kurashiki.
Unique material, stylish design, sufficient length, and tied figure create a unique world view.
We propose a modern fashion style that incorporates Japanese elements while maintaining the dignity of ethnic costumes.


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