Company Name Will Partners
Business Details
Export Sales Business/Import Sales Business/Consulting Service Business

Antique Dealer License No. 721080025781                                            

Okayama Prefectural Public Safety Commission JAPAN
Permitted date: December 21, 2020

2196-2, kojimahieda-cho, kurashiki-shi, Okayama, 711-0937, Japan.

Contact TEL.+8190-4658-9270
Established in October 1st, 2020

Major Banks

First Century Bank Inc.(US)                    

Citibank, N.A.(US)

TOMATO Bank, Ltd(JP)

The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.(JP)

Payoneer Inc.(US)

PayPal Holdings Inc.(US)

WorldFirst UK Ltd(GB)

Manegement Phirosophy

Trust & Challenge

We strongly agree with the concept of the SDGs and will make daily efforts to achieve the goals of the SDGs through our work.

The president is one of the officially recognized eco people in Japan.

The name "eco people" is reserved for those who have passed the eco certification test sponsored by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Certificate number 14-1-06882

The store offers a wide range of new and used products, with a focus on high-quality Japanese products. In particular, there are many Japanese used products of very high quality. There is a Japanese word, [Mottainai].

By using high quality products for a long time, we hope to reduce the burden on the environment and maintain the global environment.

Also we believe that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We would be honored if you would visit our store and purchase high quality Japanese product.  

We value Moment of Truth and aim to maximaize customer satisfaction.