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The Japan Pride

New Mini folding screen Bijinga Snow Love Japanese masterpiece From Japan

New Mini folding screen Bijinga Snow Love Japanese masterpiece From Japan

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Condition: Used Handmade: Yes
Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan Culture: Japanese

Item Description

Mini folding screen beauty painting snow love
Japanese masterpiece mini folding screen, two folding screens

From the Genroku Bijin Yuraku Emaki, 18th century Tofu style, the four seasons of Kyoto Since the Genroku era, when peace was celebrated, people got close to nature and enjoyed the elegance and elegance of the four seasons.
Cherry blossom viewing, cool evening breeze, Daimonji fire, summer dance, Bon moon, Hagi Kikyo, and Yukimi sake. It was from the latter half of the 18th century that entertainment and elegance became a part of the lives of the common people as annual events, and these can be seen in old prints such as the Genroku Bijin Yuraku Emaki and in publications such as guidebooks. .
Please feel the elegance of Kyoto and the elegance of Japan.

mini folding screen story
This mini folding screen reproduces a traditional Japanese masterpiece and was created so that anyone can easily enjoy traditional Japanese culture.
It is especially appreciated overseas as a gift with a rich cultural flavor, as a room interior decoration, and as something unique to Japan.
A compact and bulky Japanese souvenir, yet a luxurious gift.
Perfect for homestay souvenirs and gifts for foreigners!
This is a Japanese souvenir that will be appreciated by foreigners.

Unfolded size Length x width x thickness 19.5cm x 27cm x 0.5cm
Box size Length x width x thickness 21cm x 15cm x 1.7cm
Weight 180g
Made in Japan
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