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New Mini folding screen Daikakuji botan-zu Kano Sanraku From Japan

New Mini folding screen Daikakuji botan-zu Kano Sanraku From Japan

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Condition: Used Handmade: Yes
Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan Culture: Japanese

Item Description

This mini folding screen reproduces a traditional Japanese masterpiece.
It was created so that anyone can easily enjoy traditional Japanese culture.

As a gift with a rich cultural flavor, or as an interior decoration for your room.
Also, it is especially appreciated overseas as it is unique to Japan.

As a Japanese souvenir
Compact and bulky, yet luxurious gift
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Peony painting by Kano Sanraku, 16th century
Important Cultural Property 18-panel wall painting (part) Daikakuji Shinden

Sanraku Kano was called Mitsuyori, the son of Nagamitsu Kimura, a vassal of Nagamasa Asai, but he had an unusual background, having been recognized as an artist by Hideyoshi and apprenticed to Eitoku Kano when his father was serving Hideyoshi after the fall of the Azai family. be.
Because of his close relationship with Hideyoshi, he was sometimes suspected by the Tokugawa family, but he managed to shake off that suspicion and even received the protection of the Tokugawa family.
His painting style inherits Eitoku's, while also developing his own style.
In other words, while it expressed the grandeur of the Eitoku style, it also delicately expressed the beauty of nature.
This is a masterpiece that lets you feel the delicate side of mountain music.
This work was created for the Shinden Hall of Daikakuji Temple, which was built to commemorate the entrance of Hidetada Tokugawa's daughter, Tofukumonin.
There are 18 sides in total, but this is only a portion.
The peony flowers stand out against a gold background.

Perfect for homestay souvenirs and gifts for foreigners!
Japanese souvenirs that foreigners will love!
A souvenir for your host family when studying abroad!
It is popular as a souvenir for foreigners when they travel abroad.
Please give this as a gift to a foreigner who has helped you overseas.

Unfolded size: 29.5cm x 16cm x 0.5cm
Box size 17cm x 16cm x 1.5cm
Weight 0.16kg
Made in Japan
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