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The Japan Pride

New Mini folding screen Gunkaku and Pine Tree Japanese masterpiece From Japan

New Mini folding screen Gunkaku and Pine Tree Japanese masterpiece From Japan

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Condition: Used Handmade: Yes
Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan Culture: Japanese

Item Description

Japanese famous painting folding screen, two folding screens, cranes and pine trees

This mini folding screen reproduces a traditional Japanese masterpiece and was created so that anyone can easily enjoy traditional Japanese culture.
It is especially appreciated overseas as a gift with a rich cultural flavor, as a room interior decoration, and as something unique to Japan.
A compact and bulky Japanese souvenir, yet a luxurious gift.
Perfect for homestay souvenirs and gifts for foreigners!
This is a Japanese souvenir that will be appreciated by foreigners.

Folding screen painting, Cranes and pines, From the Four Seasons Pine Tree (Ivy Akamatsu), Kano School, Edo period, 19th century
The beauty of Japan's four seasons and the sense of changing seasons is best expressed in traditional Japanese paintings from the early modern period.
The gorgeous wall paintings of the Momoyama period, which were created at the request of the privileged classes such as feudal lords and wealthy merchants, were later developed into masterpieces of the Rinpa school, which promoted the decorativeness of the previous era even further during the Genroku period, and created an elegant painting style that enjoyed sake. It eventually developed into ``ukiyo-e,'' a popular art form for the common people that imitates the everyday emotions of townspeople, and has come to have extremely important significance not only in the history of Japanese painting but also in the cultural history of the world.

A work depicting a pine tree surrounded by ivy with bright red leaves and cranes crowding around it.

The pine tree is an evergreen tree that remains green even in late autumn and winter, so it has been considered a symbol of vitality (long life).
The crane is, after all, a crane that lives for 1,000 years and a turtle for 10,000 years.
In ancient China, cranes are said to have been used as vehicles for immortals, and are also a symbol of longevity.
Cranes are also said to be a symbol of marital harmony and family safety due to their appearance.
The crane has been an auspicious bird since ancient times, symbolizing longevity, and a bird that brings good fortune and good luck.
Because of its beauty, cranes have long been loved by people as Japan's representative bird.
A famous Japanese folding screen depicting a pine tree, which is a lucky charm, and a crane, which is also used as an analogy for longevity.

Unfolded size: 30cm x 22.5cm x 0.5cm
Box size 23.5cm x 16.2m x 1.7cm
Boxed weight: Approx. 220g
Made in Japan
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