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The Japan Pride

New Mini folding screen Shōkakuzu Japanese masterpiece From Japan

New Mini folding screen Shōkakuzu Japanese masterpiece From Japan

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Condition: Used Handmade: Yes
Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan Culture: Japanese

Item Description

This mini folding screen reproduces a traditional Japanese masterpiece.
It was created so that anyone can easily enjoy traditional Japanese culture.

As a gift with a rich cultural flavor, or as an interior decoration for your room.
Also, it is especially appreciated overseas as it is unique to Japan.

As a Japanese souvenir
Compact and bulky, yet luxurious gift
Japanese masterpiece mini-folding screen, four-curved one-twin folding screen

Four-curved one-twin folding screen with pine and crane illustrations, Kano school
The theme of pine trees and cranes was particularly popular in the large shoin-zukuri style of the early Edo period, and it has had one consequence in the composition of large screens since the early modern period.
In particular, since it is a gold-blue painting, the concise and vivid patina of the pine trees creates a splendid tonality on the entirely gold background, and the walking crane is also impressive.

Crane on a Pine Pine is an evergreen tree that remains green even in late autumn and winter, so it has been considered a symbol of vitality (long life). The crane is, after all, a crane that lives for 1,000 years and a turtle for 10,000 years.
In ancient China, cranes are said to have been used as vehicles for immortals, and are also a symbol of longevity.
Cranes are also said to be a symbol of marital harmony and family safety due to their appearance.
The crane has been an auspicious bird since ancient times, symbolizing longevity, and a bird that brings good fortune and good luck.
Because of its beauty, cranes have long been loved by people as Japan's representative bird.
A famous Japanese folding screen depicting a pine tree, which is a lucky charm, and a crane, which is also used as an analogy for longevity.

Perfect for homestay souvenirs and gifts for foreigners!
Japanese souvenirs that foreigners will love!
A souvenir for your host family when studying abroad!
It is popular as a souvenir for foreigners when they travel abroad.
Please give this as a gift to a foreigner who has helped you overseas.

Unfolded size: 46.5cm x 23cm x 0.5cm
Box size 24.8cm x 13.5cm x 2.5cm
Weight 0.32kg
Made in Japan
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