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The Japan Pride

New Tenyo Magic NEW Coin Magic From Japan

New Tenyo Magic NEW Coin Magic From Japan

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・Set contents: Magic x 1
・Size: Package: Height approx. 14.5cm x Width approx. 6.5cm x Depth approx. 3cm
・Specifications: Target age: 6 years old or older
Product introduction You can master 3 types of magic tricks using coins. Place 15 10 yen coins in a plastic container and hold it in your left hand. With enthusiasm, only the 10 yen coin moves to the right hand. 2When he presses the 100 yen coin placed on the rubber cloth with his finger, the 100 yen coin instantly passes through the rubber cloth and falls into the cup. Have students wrap a 3,100 yen coin in a handkerchief and drop it into a cup. It makes a nice chirping sound, but when I take off the handkerchief, the 100 yen has disappeared.
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